Nice game, Mick.

My best ballgame.

Baseball, for those who play, is a wonderful past time.  I had the pleasure of playing third base in a classic game.

T’was the 1968 season.  Mick Johnson was pitching for Newberg High School.  We were playing St. Helens at home.

Newberg was not a baseball powerhouse in those days but with the Swede Johnson family, we had very strong pitching.  Jerry Johnson spent some time in the Houston Astros organization after going undefeated his senior year at Oregon State University.  I had his autograph pinned the my wall as young teen.  Brothers Mick and Steve took Mt. Hood CC to nationals and finished fourth one year.

Anyway, Mick was spot on that spring day 1968.  And I watched from feet away.

The first St. Helens batter hit a Texas Leaguer into center. Our center fielder apparently didn’t know the game had started… the ball dropped about 20 feet in front of him.

A single.  That’s all that St. Helens got that day.

The next batter hit a slow roller to Dave Beecroft at second.  Dave, steady as always, fielded it cleanly and threw him out at first.  The other runner rounded second and headed for third.  John Gander, our first baseman, fired the ball across the infield to me at third.  Tag, you’re out.

That’s better… two batters, two outs. Go Tigers.

Mick got the next batter… and the next 18 batters.  Other than that first bloop single, Mick threw a perfect game.

For my money, it was a perfect game.


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