Quality: Velocity’s other factor 

In the real world, velocity has two components: direction and speed.

In software development, speed is all. And that is wrong. We need direction and QDD supplies it.
The general idea behind quality driven development (QDD) is that we can direct our efforts toward one important quality attribute for a small time box and accurately predict our results.
Turning the dial to 11.  Suppose we have very short time boxes. We can focus on one quality attribute for the time box (limiting cognitive WIP). 

The rhythm is this… choose a quality, ask some questions, specify some test cases, modify some code to pass those cases, and take a break. 

Suppose our time box is 25 minutes and suppose security is the most important attribute at the moment.

Questions: What would give us better security? SQL insertion prevention? Smaller attack surface? Fewer null address derefs? 

You decide. Only you know the relevant measures in your contexts. Work together.

Big Idea

Small is beautiful.  I’ll expand on that tomorrow.


About iesavage

Oregon software quality pioneer. Writing about quality, Oregon, software, and pioneering in no particular order.
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